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Enferm Medical was founded in 2015 and has gained several of the largest Frameworks in the United Kingdom including Health Trust Europe (HTE) and the Collaborative Procurement Partnership (CPP) and not forgetting the Welsh National Framework. Enferm Medical is also a Designated Body for Locums as well as a member of several governing bodies and a record of 90%+ on every audit conducted to date. In Enferm Medical you can trust!

For all ad hoc shifts (Doctors/Nursing/HCA etc.) please call the office today to speak to a consultant as the volume of agency shifts is very high and get filled rapidly. ONLY permanent jobs will be posted on the site. To find out what shifts are in your areas please call 01908 776 270

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Phone: +44 1908 776 270

Fax: +44 1908 311600

Email: [email protected]